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Thailand Liveaboard


Thailand dive school - Queen Scuba Thailand liveaboards diving school courses



Queen Scuba Thailand liveaboards diving school courses - Thailand dive school

Thailand Liveaboard at the Thailand Islands the best dive sites of Thailand.

Thailand Liveaboard, Thailand will lead you find the beautiful underwater world and travel around the Thailand Islands.

Thailand Liveaboard

Liveaboard vessels have been taking care of divers at home on the sea for over 20 years. Services, standards and levels of comfort available on excursions vary from boat to boat, and Thailand is able to boast a very extensive range of vessels from budget excursions up to spacious motor yachts designed around comfort, luxury and diving.

Thailand liveaboard diving courses.

Welcome to the great experience of Thailand Liveaboards for anybody needs to taste delights of the beautiful islands and beaches in Thailand as well as the beauty of the underwater world while living on the sea.

The Thailand Liveaboard is full standard and comfortable all cabins have en-suite toilet and shower with hot water, snacks, such as fruit, cakes, biscuits, tea and coffee features include air conditioning in spacious motor yachts designed luxury for divers.

In exciting environment, Koh Tao (the turtle island) is the paradise place for both beginning and experience divers. Beautiful coral, curious looking creatures of all sizes, colors, shapes, and the most spectacular scenery can be found in the underwater world.

In the west coast of Thailand, even though the Tsunami had just happened but divers can explore the beautiful reefs, Ghost pipefish, the largest fish in the Oceans, the Whale Shark and stunning boulder the world famous Similan Islands, Surin Islands and Richelieu Rock the best places to go diving in Thailand Liveaboards.

We Offer all PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive courses from beginner to professional levels by professional staff in multi-lingual such as English, German, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish, and Hebrew. Each trip is led by instructors having expert knowledge in the area and friendly. Divers will enjoy and have an enormous entertainment world of liveaboards in Thailand.

You can enjoy with excite experience when you living on the sea with professional multi-lingual staff that taking care of you kindly by our teams Thailand Liveaboard.